5G ready compact plus wifi system



With a reliable Built in WiFi connection not only can you ensure you remain connected for internet access, but you can easily access the latest free and paid video content on-demand.

With an all new design and up to 20% higher gain for 4G, you are not only better connected but ready to receive 5G signals by upgrading your router when you’re ready.

Through a Smart TV, Laptop or Tablet or by upgrading your existing TV by adding an Amazon Firestick or other streaming device, you will have virtually unlimited content on-demand without buffering.

BBC, ITV, Channel 4 & 5 all have their own free apps which will allow live or catch up TV to be used in the UK and Europe without limitation, or you can access premium content by subscribing to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV and more.
The new 5G ready range features our latest 5G antenna paired with an upgradable 4G router.

This 5gG aerial offers you the best possible connectivity in weak signal areas in a rugged enclosure manufactured and independently tested to the highest possible standards.

The compact router is mounted discreetly on the wall-mounted docking station. Located inside a cupboard or locker, this provides WiFi throughout your vehicle for us stationary or in motion.

Choose to manage the device via the simple on-screen display, or download a free app onto your phone or tablet to access data management tools, change passwords or even turn off before bed.

With a 1500ma battery, you can remove and use the router portably if you wish, meaning your data allowance can be taken with you.

Motorhome WiFi’s new futureproof 5G Ready Antenna offers advanced design and construction with patented technology. It is highly effective at receiving weak 4G signals as well as being fully 5G compatible when paired with a 5G Pro Router.

As well as being ground plane independent, it is still able to benefit from a ground plane where available. The 5G antenna has a new sealing skirt which offers an extra level of weatherproofing when fully compressed. It also has some market leading certifications including IP69K and IK10 meaning it can withstand a hot pressure washer and can withstand 5KG weight at 40cm.

At just 75mm high (2.9”) the roof antenna sits lower than your skylights. The underside consists of a non-permeable 3M adhesive foam pad and an adjustable threaded internal brace, through which the cables travel into the cabin, for a totally weatherproof installation.

Once the antenna is fitted, there is no need for any additional sikaflex or adhesive sealant, the product is totally self-sealing. Please refer to fitting instructions regarding anti-hale coating on some vehicles which may need extra care when fitting.

5G Ready Compact delivers:

‘Always On’ Secure Internet Connection
Perfect for streaming TV and use in remote or rural locations
Factory Unlocked & 2 Year Warranty
WiFi repeating functionality
5x the performance of a mobile phone
WiFi for up to 10 devices
Wall Mounting docking station for the MiFi
Remove & use portably
Use stationary or in motion
Advanced functionality available via an easy to use app.
The Pack Contains:

Fully Certified and patented 3G/4G/5G Roof Antenna
Motorhome specific installation kit exclusive to Motorhome WiFi
80cm Antenna Cables
Huawei MiFi device
Quick Mount Docking Station
Full Operating and Fitting Instructions
Three ‘Starter’ SIM Pack

Panel Van Ridged Roof Kit
Standoff Bracket
40mm / 160mm fitting kits – please call us
Additional Cables Lengths
Quick Mount Docking Station

Our Quick Mount Docking Station makes it easy to secure your MiFi whilst still being able to view the LCD display. The Quick Mount allows you to hard wire your system straight into a 12v supply; this then becomes your charging point. Whilst connected, the roof antenna will give you a reliable connection for streaming TV or catching up with emails.