Autosat Mini Dome


Roadpro Mini Dome



The Autosat Mini-Dome is different from every other automatic satellite TV system on the market. Check out the unique features that make it ideal for many people who want satellite TV in their motorhomes, caravans and boats.

  • No controller required: simply connect the supplied cable to a satellite receiver or a TV with a satellite receiver built in.
  • No updates needed, ever!
  • No need to connect to a power supply.
  • A footprint of only 550mm diameter means that the Mini-Dome can be installed where other systems can’t.

The Mini-Dome is designed to access all the UK TV channels broadcast from the Astra 2 satellite only and the reception area covers all of England, Scotland and Wales and parts of Northern Ireland.

Installation couldn’t be simpler: fix the unit to the roof using adhesive and screws (recommended). Run the supplied cable into the waterproof cable entry box and through the roof of the vehicle. Connect the other end of the cable to the satellite connection of any TV with a satellite receiver built in or to a satellite receiver. That’s it.

When the receiver or TV is switched on, the Mini-Dome will search for the Astra 2 satellite. As long as it’s within the coverage area and there are no trees, buildings or other obstructions between the Mini-Dome and the satellite, the dish will lock into position within seconds, providing perfect picture and sound to your TV.

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Approx. current consumption during search – Amps: 0.5
Dish size – cm: 32 x 22
Dish type: Dish inside a protective plastic cover
Dish height when down – cm: N/A
Dome height – cm: 24
LNB type: Single
Mounting method: Fixes to roof with bonding and screws using 4 mounting feet
Space needed for operation – diameter in mm: 550
Receiver included: no
Receiver options: Can be used with any satellite receiver including SKY receivers (excluding SkyQ). Can also be used with most TVs that have a satellite receiver built in.
Remote control: NO
Satellite search options (available satellites will vary according to geographical location): Astra 2 only
Search controller dimensions (W x D x H) – mm: N/A
Typical search time after first use: Approx one minute
Nett weight – kg: 3.465
Note: Unit is powered direct from Receiver or TV with Sat tuner built in
Warranty – years: 2 (4 if installed by an approved installer)

Dome roof unit
1 x 10mtr co-ax cable