Maxview / Autosat VuQube 2

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VuQube Portable or roof mountable automatic satellite dome



The VuQube II is a fully enclosed automatic satellite system designed to receive satellite TV and radio in the UK and Europe at the press of a button, using a wired control box.

  • Twin LNB as Standard. For use with PVR’s, SKY+™ or 2 receivers in different locations
  • Includes Velcro to mount control box conveniently inside a cupboard
  • Designed and tested for outdoor use
  • High quality, durable and robust construction
  • 2 year guarantee


Portable use in any outdoor environment and roof mount on motorhomes, caravans and RV’s Compatibility: Transmissions from satellites worldwide (UK/European satellites as standard). Compatible with all SD/HD free-to-air satellite receivers including most SKY™ receivers, not SKY Q™

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MXL023/W – VuQube II Portable and Roof Mount Satellite System

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VuQube portable, VuQube roof mount

Pre Programmed Satellites: Astra 1, Astra 2, Astra 3, Hotbird
Operation: Automatic
Mount Type: Portable or roof mount
Coaxial Cable Length: 10m
Head Unit Power Input: 12V passive. LNB and antenna unit powered

through coaxial cable from control box
Control Box Power Input: 12V cigarette adaptor
Standby Power Consumption: 0.65A
Search Power Consumption: Up to 0.85A
Installation: DIY or professional
Elevation Range: 18° to 43°
Weight: 4.1kg
Dimensions: Please click here

MXL023/W – VuQube II Portable and Roof Mount Satellite System

The Autosat portable system is supplied with a 10m twin flexible cable, the roof mounted system is supplied with 2 x 5 m coax and roof mount kit

VuQube II Dish Unit
VuQube II Control Panel
10m Twin blue ‘F’ to ‘F’ Cable*
0.5m ‘F’ to ‘F’ Cable
Velcro Control Box Mounting Pads
Cigarette Adaptor 12V Power Supply
Roof mount kit with weather proof gland
2 x 5m coax**

* only with portable version
** Only with roof mount version
Please makes sure you specify which kit you would like when ordering