Fiat ducato Top Drive Reinforced air suspension with compressor


Top Drive semi air suspension system for fiat ducato motorhomes


Top Drive semi air suspension

The TDS solution for light commercial vehicles is air springs that are applied to the rear axle, interposed between the axle and the chassis with the aim of minimizing the vibrations due to the impact of the bump stop buffer, an inevitable phenomenon when the vehicle is near the load limit.

Top Drive System is a 100% Italian brand.
All products are designed and manufactured in Italy.

The Top Drive semi air suspension system comes in various options as below

TOP DRIVE STANDARD 6 inch double bellow
This is the most popular version for small to medium motorhomes
TOP DRIVE REINFORCED 8 inch double bellows
Ideal for larger motorhomes Or where the overhang over is making the rear end sit low
All the kits are supplied with all the fixings required and detailed instructions, a dual gauge is supplied so each side can be inflated and deflated separately, this also stops the bags from feeding into each other when cornering

Additional information

Top drive options


Top drive standard


the Top drive system is supplied for easy diy fitting which is usually within the capabilities of a practical person, the basic kit is supplied with a direct fill twin gauge set up which can be positioned anywhere convenient in the vehicle, there is no drilling required to fit the fiat TOP Drive semi air system