Oyster Vision 3 85cm single lnb autoskew


Oyster vision Fully Automatic satellite dish, can be supplied either 65cm or 85cm and with single or twin autoskew


Oyster Vision 3 85cm Automatic Satellite TV System


The Oyster vision is probably the best known automatic satellite on the market, manufactured in Germany with a 3 year guarantee *.

The Oyster Vision offers ease of use and worry free operation. An especially durable system with swivel head technology for the highest requirements, the optional auto skew swivel head provides an automatic adjustment of the LNB which in return gives the user with a more fine tuned connection.

Main features

Main UK Channels (BBC/ITV) to Southern France/Barcelona

Fully automatic 85cm Satellite Dish

New optional skew assembly

/ Twin LNB

3 Year Warranty

LEM technology (last elevation memory) for reduced search times)

Automatic retraction on engine start.

for information on the full range of Oyster satellite products which we can supply visit http://www.ten-haaft.com

Oyster Warranty (as quoted )

“Oyster sat-tech currently operate a back to base warranty. If the system fails within the first three months and the customer did not want to travel to us I would expect we would come to some sort of arrangement. After this period it is still a back to base warranty. We always advise the customers to come to us where everything would be free. If they do not want to travel to us and would rather take it to a dealer near to them then we would normally advise that we would supply any parts to the dealer but they may charge for labour. Whilst the customer has the option to travel to a dealer closer to them rather than come to us we certainly would not expect a dealer to travel to them”

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