Satellite dome replacement lid


UV stable Replacement satellite dome lid with lip and 12 holes.

Lid measuring 70cm x 30 cm

These lids made from ABS capped UV stable plastic mimic perfectly the original fitted lids for the now unavailable Camos Csa 1400p, they are also a direct replacement for the Roadpro dome D3202

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Looking for a replacement satellite dome lid ? We offer a 5 year guarantee on our dome lids when purchased from our website, we also include free next day shipping within the U.K. with parcelforce

Includes next day delivery, delivery included to U.K. mainland only, we are unable to ship this product outside mainland UK due to the size of box required.

These dome lids are produced exclusively for us to replace the popular Camos dome lids manufactured by Wiiworld, made from longer lasting UV stable GPS capped plastic.

They will also fit the later Mk4 version of the camos dome manufactured by Satmark

They are also compatible for the later roadpro wiiworld version D3202 and will fit the VDO variant and also the satmark domes and some megasat branded versions of the Satmark dome

This dome is the larger of the two manufactured so the dome lid itself is 70cm x 30 cm with a lip and 12 holes for the fixing bolts to go through.

If you have the later Mk4 camos dome or satmark dome these will also fit but they only have six holes in the base so you need to cover over the extra 6 holes in this lid or drill the extra holes and fit stainless bolts.

These do not fit the maxview mxl007 as the lid slides over the base and it is too small for the VuDome, we can supply these but it is more convienient to visit maxview shop direct

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Dimensions 72 × 72 × 33 cm