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Top Drive light semi air suspension system for fiat ducato motorhomes

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Top Drive semi air suspension

The TDS solution for light commercial vehicles is air springs that are applied to the rear axle, interposed between the axle and the chassis with the aim of minimizing the vibrations due to the impact of the bump stop buffer, an inevitable phenomenon when the vehicle is near the load limit.

Top Drive System is a 100% Italian brand.
All products are designed and manufactured in Italy.

The Top Drive semi air suspension system comes in various options as below

The name of the version must not deceive and make you assume that it is a “series B” version. In some cases, just a little help is required to the already sufficient load capacities of the vehicle. To preserve its structural integrity in sporadic cases of excessive load, we have developed functional versions with a low cost that can offer a real Top Drive System also “only when needed”, making the system almost invisible in standard working conditions.

As the word suggests, this is the most common product, roughly suited to all basic needs. It is the product most generally chosen by customers.
The standard design usually includes an air spring that can withstand an average and not too heavy useful load. This feature makes the project extremely versatile and robust and is the main choice for those approaching the world of air springs.
In some cases, where the vehicle load is not excessive, but sporadically approximates the maximum allowed, it is the most suitable and suggested solution, therefore the “standard” is not necessarily synonymous with conformism, but may be the more balanced choice to a specific need. In doubt, the standard solves the problem of loading the vehicle and frees the user from an otherwise complicated choice, allowing him/her to focus more on their work.

When the vehicle is particularly subjected to stress, or when the permanent load is always at the limit of its capacity, the standard versions may not be enough.
Top Drive System therefore offers reinforced versions on a great variety of vehicles, which meet demanding load requirements.
The solution provides an air spring that has larger dimensions compared to the standard version provided for the corresponding version of the vehicle, in a manner that redistributes the load over a larger surface, always with a view to preserving the mechanical structural parts of each vehicle.

Different in type, but sometimes combined with air springs of a larger size than the standard ones, the comfort versions are designed to reduce direct stress on the chassis in a decidedly more progressive manner.
In addition to a larger-sized air spring than the standard versions, there is also a binding system, specifically designed and tested by the TOP DRIVE SYSTEM team that allows the load to be distributed over larger surfaces in a variable manner depending on the excursion of the spring itself. This technology reduces the impact due to bumps, holes, obstacles or sudden changes in direction.
It is the normally preferred and suggested solution for passenger transport vehicles, for campers, ambulances or special transport of fragile materials and sophisticated equipment.

Super comfort
A natural evolution of the comfort versions, they are specific products, normally designed upon customer request.
The experience accumulated in numerous special projects has allowed us to create standardized solutions, widely used in special applications.
The super comfort projects go beyond the application of an air spring, they are solutions oriented to the study of particular parts that reduce vibrations and shocks on the vehicle chassis as much as possible, providing particular driving comfort, even on traditional transport vehicles.



the Top drive system is supplied for easy diy fitting which is usually within the capabilities of a practical person, the basic kit is supplied with a direct fill twin gauge set up which can be positioned anywhere convenient in the vehicle, there is no drilling required to fit the fiat TOP Drive semi air system